Social Responsibility

Creativity, innovation and quality

At Şam yapı, we design the projects that we sign, globally as creative and innovative works. From concept to architecture, from life standards offered to additional services, in every step we act with this understanding. We use the latest technologies in every project we bring to life and aim to offer the highest quality standards in the living areas we create.

To trust and to be trusted

Our company values gaining trust above all other gains. For us the key element for continued success and the most important asset in our corporate culture is the trust that our employees, business partners, customers and the society have in us.

Environmental sensitivity

In all the activities we carry out as Şam Yapı, related or unrelated to all our projects, we place respect for environment and society first.
We observe the influence of all our activities on the environment fully and we take responsibility in regards to applying the necessary precautions to minimize the possible negative effects.

Respect for individuals and the society

We value the expectations and the needs of our employees’, business partners’, customers’, all the individuals and groups that reside around our projects; and we respect their beliefs and opinions.
Within our principle of societal respect, we accept social responsibility activities as a requirement of our work and develop projects that will contribute to society, education and culture by continuously supporting projects in this scope.